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Camp NaNo; Summer; New Job

Oh hey! Bet you'd forgotten all about me...being honest, I forgot all about this little blog. Whoops. I swear, one day I'll have enough time in my days that I don't forget about things.

I started a new day-job this past week and although my schedule is now completely different -- I'm loving it! It will be a great change of pace and will allow me much more time to work on my writing.

Speaking of writing. There's a new project on the sidebar -- yes, another one. This project popped into my head in March and wouldn't leave me alone. So here we are... 53,000 words into it. I actually used Camp NaNo to really jump start this project and managed to knock out 28k words! I was very pleased with myself, ha. This project is different than anything else I've ever written and I adore it. Here's a little sneak peek into Bria and Alarik's world:

“I want you to shield from my attacks, don’t bother trying to strike back. Just focus on blocking. I’ll go slow.” He di…

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